Professional Tractor Restoration

Professional Tractor Painting

Professional Tractor Painting

Pat Terry is not your average, run-of-the-mill tractor restorer. He is a professional.

    • A professional is one who restores EVERY part of the tractor, even the ones that no one sees when the tractor is put back together.
    • A professional is also one who refuses to work on a tractor if he can’t restore it to pristine condition.
    • A professional hands his customers copies of all receipts from purchased parts that went into restoring the tractor.
I am putting my name on the tractors I restore.  If someone only wants a point, plug and paint job, I won’t do it.”

What else sets Terry’s Tractor Restoration apart from the rest?

Restoring a Tractor

Professional Tractor Restoration – Terry’s Tractor Restoration

    • The whole tractor is disassembled.
    • Every single screw thread gets rethreaded. Every single one.
    • Every seal and gasket is replaced
    • Only John Deere gaskets are used.
    • No silicone is used on the gaskets.
    • Every single bearing is replaced.
    • Every part is sand-blasted.
    • All pits, scratches and dents are filled in and coated.
    • Every part that had original paint is repainted – even if they can’t be seen when the tractor is reassembled.
    • No paint runs.
    • He provides the owner of the tractor with receipts of every part purchased to restore the tractor, so that the owner sees what was replaced and how much the parts cost.
Disassembling a Tractor

Attention to detail is paramount when Pat Terry restores a tractor.

No one else who restores tractors in America does as professional of a job as Pat Terry.

As the phrase goes, the proof is in the pudding.  He has his own machine-shop, complete with a commercial-grade sand blaster, metal lathe and more. With over 10 years of experience restoring tractors, no one else in the tractor restoration business comes close to restoring a tractor as professionally as Pat.

Only trust your tractor restoration project with the best in the business. Terry’s Tractor Restoration.

Contact Pat today for any questions about your tractor restoration needs.