Tractor Restoration

The Tractor Restoration Process

Every Part is Disassembled

Every Part is Disassembled and Sandblasted
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No one else pays as much attention to detail as Terry does when he restores a tractor. He is a consummate professional when it comes to restoring tractors. From beginning to end, you can rest assured that your tractor is in the hands of a professional who is restoring your tractor as id it were his own.


1) Disassembling the Tractor

    • The entire tractor is disassembled, right down to the last screw.
    • Every part is inspected for defects.
    • Parts are ordered.

2) Prepping the Tractor

Professionally Restoring Tractors

Tractor engine – disassembled, sandblasted, degreased. Restored with all new gaskets and bearings.
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  • All parts are cleaned and degreased, if needed.
  • All parts are sand-blasted, using a commercial-grade sand blaster.
  • Any and all pitting is filled-in.
  • All dents and scratches are repaired.

3) Mechanical Repairs

    • The engine is disassembled.
    • All gaskets and bearings are discarded.
    • Clean and degrease engine parts.
    • Order necessary parts.
    • Replace all bearings and gaskets with new, John Deere bearings and gaskets.
    • Reassemble engine.

4) Painting

Restored tractor engine, complete with decals and a professional paint job.

Restored tractor engine, complete with decals and a professional paint job.

    • Each part is individually painted.
    • Parts are coated with primer.
    • All parts are painted with paint specified by customer.
    • All painted parts are re-coated.

5) Reassembly

    • ┬áMount engine to tractor.
    • Reassemble all parts.
    • Mount wheels.
    • Affix new decals around tractor.

6) Final Steps

    • Run tractor for quality inspection
    • Tractor is now better than brand-new, showroom-ready.
A Professionally Restored Tractor by Terry's Tractor Restoration

A Professionally Restored Tractor by Terry’s Tractor Restoration